At the moment I have left the discussion forums attached to each tune. I might change this at a later date to a site wide discussion forum. Any message posted will be submitted after a 30 minute delay in case the sender wishes to alter the message.

Please assume that there could be adults and children on the general courses i.e. courses that are not restricted to selected groups/schools. It would therefore be wise not to give away any confidential information.

I cannot imagine that we will get into heated debates discussing Folk Fiddle music but it would be as well to remember:

1) Always assume best intent on the part of the other person.

2) Do not write in capitals as this makes the message appear very angry.

3) Likewise I would avoid the use of red text.

4) Remember that words written without the other person being able to see your facial expression always come out stronger in the written form than if they were spoken. It is best to tone things down.

5) If you upset someone, even unintentionally, then please be quick to apologise. I always feel online that the perception of the receiver is more important than the perception of the sender and find blush quite useful in case of such events.

6) Please be aware that anyone from anywhere and any culture could be online.

7) As a last resort each teacher on Moodle does have a facility to delete messages when they next log in. I hope however that this action will never need to be taken.

8) If you have any issues with the running of the site then please remember that, although experienced at operating in online learning environments, I am a novice at Moodle so please be patient if anything needs to be sorted. Because I am out and about earning my living on the fiddle, response to problems you encounter might not be quite as immediate as you might like due to my work not involving being near a computer. It is also worth remembering that because I am a violinist and not an ICT technician, if you have problems with your own computer set up at home you are welcome to ask but my knowledge is limited about other machines. As problems are encountered (and hopefully solved) I will start a top tips page for such handy information.

The points above will evolve as time progresses and we all learn on the job.


Sarah Hackett
Last modified: Friday, 18 April 2014, 6:28 PM