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Personalised learning at its best with resources developed specifically for use online. Users can choose which videos to study according to their level of ability on the fiddle. (Ranges of the tune are given for those wishing to use other instruments.)

provides sufficient resources to allow for a non-directed teaching environment encouraging learners to forge their individual paths by setting their own goals. The aim of developing independent learners being as important as the enjoyment of the acquisition of new knowledge.

As you learn you will be able to develop the characteristics needed for independent learning - curiosity, perseverance plus the drive and ambition to push yourself to the next level. Start acquiring detective skills as to what works for you and what doesn't. Become more familiar with your learning style. Practise gaining confidence in your ability to decide whether you need to study a particular video and how much time you need to give it. Think about what saves you time when acquiring new knowledge. Find out if you possess some of these characteristics already and simply don't realise it.

Why learn aurally? Research has found that there are about 30 different areas of the brain that are related to our sense of vision. This has been discovered by working with people who have had accidents and unfortunately damaged their brains. If there are so many areas to do with vision it seems logical to me that there must be numerous parts attached to our sense of hearing. On a personal basis I feel that if I learn something by ear I have a much more 3D memory of it, including more physical movement of the bowing, than I do if I have learnt something by looking at music.

Beginners can make use of a lot more of the videos than just the ones they are able to perform themselves. Videos teaching accompaniments for the advanced can be used to learn how to play along to an accompaniment.

Online learning will become more and more important so the added bonus of becoming familiar and comfortable with an online learning environment will stand you in good stead for whatever the future may hold for you.

Have fun!

Sarah Hackett

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