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Flag of FinlandMusic for Emma's Valssi, a traditional waltz from Finland, arranged in honour of the group's first pianist who is about to do A levels and leave school.

Key: D Minor

Time signature: 3/4

Rhythms: This tune contains the following elements:
minim (ta-aa) and crotchet / (ta) and quavers / (tetes) and dotted minim / (ta-aa-aa) and dotted crotchet and quaver / (tae and te) and 1st and 2nd time bars. More advanced players will have the opportunity to look at ornaments (e.g. turns, mordents, glissandi, acciaccaturas) and how to create a variation (e.g. passing notes, reducing notes, double stopping, dynamics, slurs) as well.

To access: Only my pupils can access this course.

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Emmas Valssi course outline.pdfEmmas Valssi course outline.pdf